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Biden Admin Changes Definition of Recession To Avoid Recession | DOJ Investigating Trump | Ep 432

Rather than own up to their failed economic policies that have the United States in a recession, Joe Biden and his administration are simply changing the definition of recession so they can claim that we are not in one. Plus, Department of Justice now has an open investigation of Trump, the FBI is protecting Hunter Biden and much more.

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1 year ago

Quid Pro Joe is a liar and traitor.

Cowgirl Diva
1 year ago

If something doesn’t fit the Demoncrap’s false narrative, they just make up another false narrative and plug in new words..!! They have even changed the definition of VIRUS to suit their evil narrative..!! The rogue, illegal Biden Administration is INSANE….Period..!! Full Stop….FACT…!!

1 year ago

The Picture of Biden at the beginning was this Subject Show’s that the DEMENTIA SYNDROME has a Stirangal hold on Biden’s Brain and Well being. It shows how unsure he of himself. There it shows that he has No Brain Activity in his Skull and No light’s in his Eyes. Therefore he needs to Resign and seek Serious Medical Attention. This is Plain and Simple Spousal Abuse and Elderly Abuse !