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Schiff, Swalwell & The Left Meltdown Over McCarthy Move | Mrs. Lindsay Graham Defends Biden | Ep 504

Tensions are heating up in Washington as House Speaker Kevin McCarthy followed through with his promise to boot both Adam Schiff and traitor Eric Swalwell off the House Select Committee on Intelligence. Both Schiff and Swalwell have threatened McCarthy with revenge and the left is melting down. Plus, Biden agrees to sending tanks to Ukraine, as does Germany, Russia ramps up its efforts and rhetoric and Lindsay Graham is defending Joe Biden.

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2 months ago

Lindsay graham biggest mistake is he married a leftist. Its no wonder hes a rino. I can assure you that he gets an earful from that woman who supports butchering infants in womb.

2 months ago

I think McCarthy should kick more Democrats off important committees .I see they don’t like it Schiff can go on another committee and Lie.